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Ceremony of Intelligent manufacturing Center of Iron & Steel

Joint Innovation Center for whole procedure intelligent manufacturing of iron and steel were built to promote the application of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and other technologies in iron and steel industry. Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Northeast University worked together, and held the ceremony in the cloud data center of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. on December 16th.

Xiao zunhu, secretary of the Party committee and executive director of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group, Li Jianping, deputy general manager of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province, and Sun Lei, vice president of Northeast University attended the ceremony, including Wang Guodong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Northeast University. 

Xiao zunhu welcomed leaders and technical teams from Huawei and Northeastern University and in the meantime introduced the entrepreneurial development history 60 years ago, besides future planning of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. He said they hope to take advantage of Huawei’s advantages in big data and artificial intelligence as well as the key technology and scientific research strength of Northeastern University in the field of intelligent manufacturing of iron and steel to comprehensively promote the development of iron and steel industry.

Li Jianping said that Huawei will spare no effort to deepen the integration of information technology and the iron and steel industry, hoping to continuously improve the level of industrial intelligence, manufacturing and service, cost reduction and efficiency for iron and steel enterprises.

Sun Lei said that Northeast University and Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. have a good foundation for cooperation. They have jointly developed a number of complete sets of process equipment and high-end systems, he fully affirmed the high efficiency and fast pace of the three sides. Meanwhile, It is hoped that the three parties will grasp this opportunity to realize the interdisciplinary integration of information industry and iron and steel metallurgy industry.

Subsequently, the three parties signed a cooperation agreement. Xiao zunhu, sun Lei, Wang Guodong and Li Jianping jointly unveiled the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the participants visited the cloud data center in Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd..